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2-Hours Of Cleaning Services

$ 62.00

Home Cleaning

One Maid

3-Hours Of Cleaning Services

 $ 88.00

Home Cleaning

One Maid

4-Hours Of Cleaning Services

$ 114.00

Home Cleaning

One Maid

5-Hours Of Cleaning Services

$ 140.00

Home Cleaning

One Maid

6-Hours Of Cleaning Services

 $ 166.00

Home Cleaning

One Maid

7-Hours Of Cleaning Services

$ 192.00

Home Cleaning

One Maid

Click here for 2-maids

2.5  to 8 hours  of cleaning by two maids

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Homehelper Housekeeping Ltd, 244 5th Avenue,

Suite G226, New York, NY 10001  Tel 347.464.9758

Cleaning-Services in Manhattan

Home Cleaning-Manhattan

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Cleaning Services in Manhattan

Homehelper Housekeeping Ltd

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Home cleaning manhattan

How many housekeeper comes to clean my apartment ?

Do I need to provide my own home-cleaning supplies or will the housekeeper bring cleaning supplies?

Are you registered & insured to provide house-cleaning service?

What areas do you provide cleaning services?

Do I need to be home during the cleaning service?

What areas will your maid service clean?




With more than 5-years maid service experience, we make house cleaning a good experience for our customer!

Bonded. Insured. Trusted.

Home Cleaning Manhattan

Same Day or Next Day Available !

Book 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 Hours Of Home Cleaning

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